Get creative.

Our levels are crafted to align perfectly with your stage in your social media journey. Whether you're just starting to uncover the potential, or if you're prepared to expand a mini media empire and take over a specific segment of the internet with Dualist's comprehensive content suite.
The choice is yours.



Our launch tier is designed to start developing your audience and content capabilities,
providing access to top-tier strategy.

- Dedicated content strategist & Copywriter
- Dedicated TikTok creator
- quarterly content interviews
- Bi-weekly strategy calls
- 12 completed posts (written) /Mo
- 12 short-form-videos
- 20 content ideas /Mo
- Monthly reporting



Our develop tier is designed for executives & companies ready to take their social presence to the next level.

- Dedicated content strategist & Copywriter
- Dedicated TikTok creator
- Monthly content interviews
- Weekly strategy calls
- 25 completed posts (written) /Mo
- 20 short-form-videos /Mo
- Monthly reporting
- Content coaching  


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Our scale tier is for those with more complex / aggressive needs.

- everything in dEVELOP plus
- Case studies
- weekly coaching with your team
- Unlimited posts /mo
- Unlimited short-form-video /mo
- bi-weekly reporting
- Newsletter (personal or Company)